I am Software Developer from Prague, Czech Republic. I like Ruby, Long distance Longboarding and my, soon to be man, Iguana ;)

Video #


This is serie about my longboard trip from Rome to Sicily. I did not made the whole trip in the end, but it was quite a journey ;)

[LBD] Prokopské údolí na longboardu

This video is my trip to work via Prokopské Údolí (https://goo.gl/maps/hsjWuSUaknA2) on Longboard. Beautiful nature and piece of my city.

Passo del Tonale 2016

My vacation at Italian alps. Lot of snowboarding, boardgames and new food ;)

Arduino - Apple remote

One of my Arduino experiments. This one is about diods controlled by Apple Remote.

Lister leze dirou (manual color)

My iguana lister on his way from lunch and getting some spring. I made this video when I started to play with colours in video.

Snapchat #

My snapcode